The Mathcore Diaries

I'm the ghost Haunts of yesteryear Confined to thoughts Of lost happiness I've been dragged more deeply Into the void Will this end This grief within for what I once held Time ought to change Reaching for more from the bottom I dwell All I am hoping That this emptiness will soon pass Happiness A sensation of purpose I pray I comprehend Reborn Revive I battle for A new life All I needed Was to know of a goal to feel like I should be But knowing there was simply no support from you for such a long time You linger In the empty space inside the mind of mine All I need Fight to distort what is engraved in my eyes Solitude A constant companion way too familiar I reach out Being pulled deeper into the void I struggle Every time I really feel like I am making progress There's usually a constant reminder That dims the lighting That shuts a door That puts a lot more weight on these shoulders I am left crawling through life Looking to reach a spot Post Hardcore of contentment But I'm lost

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